Blog Annoyances

Blogging / Monday, March 12th, 2007

Bloggers? Ya know how there are all these tweaks and twitches that are involved when moving from one page to another? Well this post is about a few of them.

I moved from Blogger over to WordPress (and WNYMEDIA) almost a year ago (I checked my stats, twas the week of March 26th, 2006.)

Anyhow, I completed the first task of deleting all the duplicate posts which were imported from Blogger to WordPress. A ridiculous amount of individual deleting let me tell you, but I did it.

And then? I bought my very own domain name

And now? I finally, FINALLY deleted all the posts from the blogspot All Things Jennifer page which is now redirecting people to

I shall not delete this web address because the last time I did this? Someone else signed up under and posted this and it was a real pain to get people to move their links.

I now have to go back through all my posts and make sure they are categorized and tagged properly. What a freaking process, I have a long way to go with that one, but it is my last hurdle to jump.

Back to your regularly scheduled program. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for validating my blogging addiction.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?