Fire and Fury

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Fire. And. Fury. Pretty sure these are the feelings I’m gonna have while reading this book by Michael Wolff: Fire and Fury. Start by reading this excerpt in New York Magazine. Just. Wow. Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days. Then while […]

January 3, 2018

Last Call for NaNoWriMo

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Last Call for NaNoWriMo. I can’t make this up. I’m typing away, trying to put words to the page and every FREAKING other minute one of those wee bitty fruit flyesque bugs that are still somehow following me around the damn house is flying in front of my face and computer screen and I keep […]

November 30, 2017

Social Media and Blogging Pet Peeves

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Social Media and Blogging Pet Peeves ARUGH! Warning, this is a petty post. But I feel like I need to rant. I need to rant and commiserate with others who must feel the same way. It can’t just be me, can it? Blogs If you make me click through multiple pages (usually with a photo) […]

May 16, 2017

May Blogging Goal

Blogging, Personal

March: I did a daily blog post every day based on a theme. Which got me back into the groove of blogging and I have to once again thank MEESH for finding this challenge in the first place. April: I signed up for CampNaNoWriMo. Goal set for 50,000 words in April. I completed this goal. […]

May 1, 2017

Blog Posts 3,832 (Wait, 3,833!)


Blog posts? Dang. A new blog friend I’ve stumbled upon recently through Twitter: Sheepie Niagara—is celebrating her 100th post today! This made me look up how many posts I’ve published in the past 14 years (and trust me, I’ve deleted A LOT too.) Whoa. 3,832 and counting! If I divide that by 14 years that […]

April 26, 2017


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Happy March! Day One: LOVE Michelle posted this on Twitter and I’m gonna participate, I need the daily prompting. But instead of just a Tweet, I’m going to make sure I have a blog post as well. Been wanting to write more—tis the first day of Lent, first day of March, middle of the week? […]

March 1, 2017

The Difference of a Decade

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The Difference of a Decade. In my early 30s I entertained the thought of living in NYC and was even accepted into a teaching fellowship program. In my early 40s I can’t even imagine wanting to live in the concrete jungle of steamy heat and so, so, so many people. What a difference a decade […]

July 15, 2015

Blog Her 2015


Yep. I tool the plunge friends. After 12 years of blogging, I’m FINALLY attending my first BlogHer conference this July in NYC! I got my feet wet last year when I attended Blog U in Baltimore, MD. I unfortunately can’t attend this year because it is a date that I have two other events going […]

March 27, 2015

I miss blogging.


I miss blogging. I miss the spewing of the randomness of the words on the screen. I’ve fallen out of the habit of journaling. I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging. And I do not like it one bit. The last week or so I’ve been going through the All Things Jennifer archives cleaning […]

January 29, 2015

The Kindness of a Stranger

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50 Questions: The Kindness of a Stranger My friend MEESH (the pretty blonde in the picture above!) is writing an article called “50 Questions.” Asking everyone from family to close friends to random strangers something she wonders about them and writing the article about the answers. 1 person 1 question a day. I was the […]

September 4, 2014

All Things Jennifer


All Things Jennifer. I’m almost at the beginning of my 12th year of blogging and I’ve FINALLY managed to transfer my blog from to my own domain I’ve owned my domain name for several years now, but I always just used the redirect from the free WordPress site. The last few weeks I’ve […]

August 26, 2014

Blog U Conference


Blog U Conference. Have I mentioned that after 10+ years of blogging I signed up for my VERY first Blog Conference this June? Nifty, eh? I’m getting pretty psyched to meet these incredible bloggers/authors in person, and I *think* there’s still space available if you’re super jealous (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE THERE’S AN 80s PROM […]

April 29, 2014

My Greatest Cheerleader

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SPOILER ALERT: Ok guys and gals this is one where I get cheezy, you’ve been warned. Last night as I was finishing off the last words in NaNoWriMo world He Who Makes Me Smile came up behind me on the computer and asked how I was doing. I hid the post I just wrote, embarrassed […]

November 14, 2013


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Here We Go NaNoWriMo, Here We Go The year 2013 is my 10th anniversary of blogging. It makes me glad to be able to go back through the archives and pull out excerpts of my life at any given moment in time. And trust me the last 10 years there has been a lot of […]

November 1, 2013

Unintentional Censoring

Blogging, Personal

I’ve been censoring myself on the one place I always had to fall back on to be ME above all things…here on my blog. And I’m not happy about it. Instead of diving back in, I haven’t done any substantial ME blogging. I find myself posting on Facebook instead. I lost the ALL THINGS JENNIFER […]

March 12, 2013

Lloyd Fish Tacos!

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Happiness is…Lloyd Fish Tacos! AWESOMEness is ordering from Lloyd Taco Trucks and having them say back to you “and this is for All Things Jennifer, right?”  Made my day. Well, after the fish tacos and crazy corn it made my day. YUM! We love you LLOYD! Don’t be intimidated by the line. You know how […]

July 27, 2012

One thing remains the same…


One thing remains the same… All Things Jennifer I’ve blogged through three relationships. I’ve blogged through good times and bad times. I’ve blogged through all three of my not-for-profit career destinations. And to think, the best is yet to come. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and keep up with my […]

April 27, 2012

Life Offline

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Whod’a thought living life offline would be so much fun? Yes, I know I have a lot of blogging to do surrounding recent events. (Tee hee!) However, it is very important for me to actually USE THE TELEPHONE and talk to a bunch of dear friends and give them the scoop first. Yes, I’m actually […]

September 29, 2011

Blog, I Just Can’t Quit You!


Blog, I Just Can’t Quit You! Is it Time to Quit Blogging? All Things Blasphemy! I’m at 8 years and going strong! I stumbled upon this post today and I realized I’m actually back on the OTHER side of this curve, I want to start blogging MORE and being MORE ENGAGED and find MORE READERS. […]

March 15, 2011

Five Tips For Successfully Dating a Blogger

Blogging, Dating

Five Tips For Successfully Dating a Blogger: All Things Jennifer Style Apparently I’m a blogging dating rule minimalist, unlike this person who was a bit more demanding here are my 5 simple recommendations for dating a blogger (or at the very least, dating All Things Jennifer.) 1. Be able to explain what a blog is […]

February 21, 2011

5 Tips for Dating a Blogger?

Blogging, Dating

Five Tips for Successfully Dating a Blogger I saw this article and thought this would be fun to read…but I became quickly annoyed (offended) when I realized the article assumes THE BLOGGER IS A MAN. Grrrrrr. Therefore, everything you’ve learned to-date about how to keep a man happy, like the old adage “the best way […]

February 21, 2011

Happy Singles Week?

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The other day while browsing through Google Reader I stumbled upon the fact that it was singles week. I mentioned something about doing a single women blog crawl on All Things Jennifer And as I watched the days go by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…I went through the list of AWESOME women bloggers I read everyday and […]

September 22, 2010

Best Local Blog


Best Local Blog. 3rd times a charm? Nyah…I just think it’s cool ya’all out there voted for me. THANK YOU!!! Oh and…then there’s this silly BUFFALO SPREE BEST OF BUFFALO contest…which I can’t vote for myself because they actually ask for contact information. Save

April 26, 2010

Best Local Blogs

Blogging, Western New York

Best Local Blogs Pink BFLO ( Alan Bedenko ( Jennifer Smith ( Chris Smith ( 3rd time a charm? Nyah. Tis an honour just to be nominated of course. No way I can compete with the WNYMEDIA men (especially since they broke the story about Carl Paladino.)  Unless they fight each other to the death […]

April 22, 2010

Blog Gone Wild!


  Blog Gone Wild! Check my stats graph. 1,487 hits TODAY for “Women should ‘vajazzle’ their vajay-jays.” Scary. Although about 500 people clicked on to my homepage too, maybe I have new readers? If so…thank you Jennifer Love. Nyah, I can’t thank her. Please women….don’t vajazzle your vajayjay. Also, just don’t search for or even SAY […]

April 16, 2010


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Vajazzle? Whoa. Why all the interest in this particular post/subject? “Women should ‘vajazzle’ their vajay-jays.” Ick. CRAZY amounts of searches lead to All Things Jennifer! vajazzle 1,202 vajazzling 1,047 But sorry no pictures. Pervs. vajazzle pictures 367 vajazzling pictures 314

March 3, 2010



Famous. Hee hee. How silly. Last night as I was walking to my porch the nice neighbor next door was coming out of her house and asked me “Are you by chance, one of Buffalo’s top 5 bloggers?” I laughed. How random! She continued to say that she was browsing Artvoice and saw my name […]

June 4, 2009