I’m a BLUE pen girl

I’m a BLUE pen girl. And at my new cubicle in non-profit world? I am finding many, many black pens.

I write with BLUE pens! Can I justify ordering pens just because the color is wrong? I mean there’s nothing WRONG with the black pens…but I don’t like them very much. Purple pens are fun too, I have Erin to thank for that one!

I also must have multiple color highlighter pens. As disorganized I might seem in real life in my professional world…I am a multi-tasker organizer woman. Each color will represent something different. I need to order more highlighter pens 😉

Another great find? An entire box of Rubber Finger Tips. I have never used *a* Rubber Finger Tip, what on earth am I going to do with an entire box of them?

As you can see, I am having a FUN IN NEW CUBICLE day here at work. I officialy start tomorrow. However the training of the new person is um, complete. Answering the phones, not that hard! So instead of sitting and staring at her, I sought out my new space instead. 😉 YIPPEE!!!

My office OCD was just endorsed by a co-worker who said that she too uses only blue pens. AND YELLOW LEGAL PADS! TC, you are my office supply kindred spirit! What would I do without my yellow legal pad? Hopefully the world will never know…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?