BlueCross BlueShield of WNY can suck it.

BlueCross BlueShield of WNY can suck it.

I’m LIVID right now. We bought health insurance off the open exchange this year. Attempted to go through Health Republic, which was the BIGGEST clusterfuck I’ve ever experienced, so we switched over to BlueCross BlueShield in February.

In February we had one of the Bronze Level plans and after one month of premiums, decided if we were going to be paying out of pocket we would go for the Platinum plan and not deal with the deductible (which we would never reach.) So from February to March there was a wee bit of confusion with the company and the billing. No big deal, understood…moving right along…everything was fine.

Paid the April premium. Paid the May premium. (This is no small amount by the way…)

JUST TODAY got a letter dated June 4th stating that our health insurance family plan was canceled as of March 31, 2015 for non-payment.

Hahahahaha. Obviously, this is an error. Also, um, it’s JUNE. We are getting ready to pay our 3rd month of this expensive health insurance premium and I’m now being told we haven’t had it since MARCH 31st? Interesting since our last two payments HAVE BEEN CASHED.

I call BlueCross BlueShield and give them all my information and the customer service representative comes back with “ok, so your dental plan…” Um no. My platinum family health insurance plan.

Um, just one minute, on hold please.

The customer service representative gets back on the line and tells me that the reason for the cancellation was the non payment of $82 and some odd change for our April payment. Thanks for letting me know 2 MONTHS LATER.

I explain, rather sternly, that this is likely because we switched plans from the Bronze to the Platinum and there was a problem crediting the right account  ON THEIR END with the payment we made back in March, so there was probably an error in the amount owed. (Being notified of such a lapse WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE) but simple mistake.

I also point out that our last two payments have gone through without a problem, so obviously there is an error. She tells me they sent out a refund check on June 5th for the last two months payments, which we have not received yet but WTF? AND Open enrollment coverage begins in November.

Um, no.

The customer service representative puts me on hold again…I have the time to rant about this to HWMMS…and about 5 minutes later, she is back on the line telling me someone is looking into this and will call us back.


I’m not notified that we are missing an $82 payment from two months ago, which wasn’t paid because the payment I first made was credited to an account WE NO LONGER HAD and I wasn’t given the proper amount.

I have since received and paid two months of bills on this same account, not knowing we have been canceled since March 31st. Folks this isn’t pocket change here…

Somehow, we’ve managed to receive notification of rate increases (and a letter today stating that the notice of rate increases was an error) two statements for billing for May and June and not one, but TWO sets of WELLNESS CARDS from the company…on a policy that was canceled March 31st?


Unbelievable. Can’t wait for the phone call back.

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  • Oh it will get better. You will likely have to explain this story at least 2 more times, to people who will not understand because their computer (brain) tells them you are wrong. Greatest victim of technology is independent thinking. But really, how else would you rather spend your time?


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