Boating for Beginners by Jeanette Winterson

One of my most favourite authors in the whole wide world is Jeanette Winterson. I have read and reread The Passion and Written on the Body countless times. Today, I finished Boating for Beginners. A witty lesser known little book of hers that had me laughing out loud several times. The story of Noah and Yahweh the Unpronounceable a film and a flood. Priceless satire.

If you like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy/Monty Python you’ll love Boating for Beginners. At least I did.

‘We’ve got to get the story straight’ said Noah. ‘How can we say, “And God spake unto Noah and told him to build an ocean-going ark from fibre-glass with a reinforced steel hull’? It reads like an enthusiast’s magazine, not the inspired word of God. Gopher wood is much more poetic’

Only downfall…the ending. I rarely like endings though.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?