Reckless- The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women


Reckless: The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women

Twas a quick read. A book I had on the wish list over at that came in the mail the other day. A book of nine stories about “kick-ass” women. All in all, it was alright. Like I said, a quick read.

The one chapter featuring Gevin Fax-Ambassador of Women Bikers had a passage that got me thinking…

“One day I attended a seminar that shocked me out of my denial. The seminar leaders told us all, “you are the master of your destiny,” then asked the classic question, “If money were no object, if you could do anything you wanted to, where would you see yourself five years from now?”


I know a few years ago I answered this question “married to XXX and being a  mom.”

Today? Hmmm.

I’d say, professionaly, doing something almost exactly what I’m doing this second (that might help me pay off the loans a wee bit better as well as have an inkling of upward mobility.) And yeah, I want to be in a relationship too. But, it’s hard to imagine little ones in reality without the partner first.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?