Buffalo Chophouse

Buffalo Chophouse! Mmmm. Thank you Buffalo Spree. And to my *BAD DATE* for allowing me to indulge in the most delectable dinner at the Buffalo Chophouse this weekend.

The boyfriend (Otherwise known as the very, very, very, very BEST date) and I discovered a few things.

1. $150 in Trade Certificates = a great dinner. But holy cow, we could have EASILY spent at least $100 more (another bottle of wine please!)

2. The trade certificate has this nifty little feature that allows for $150 in FOOD and DRINK but tax and gratuity has to be your responsibility. We paid more in tax/gratuity for this dinner than we have at any other restaurant for our entire dinner. I kid you not. We are talking about a woman at an entry level non-profit job and a man who is a multi-artist: that of the painting and martial arts variety.

3. Our waiter looked an awful lot like Christian Finnegan from BEST WEEK EVER. And heck yeah this was a good thing!

4. Mark and I matched the decor of the restaurant. And no, this wasn’t planned. We looked quite handsome!

5. Whenever said boyfriend or self, sell a painting or work of words with *substantial value* ($1000 or more) we are going to celebrate at the Chophouse with a toast to *loves* 😉 And that extra bottle of wine.

Tuna Tartar with Cucumber and Wasabi
Baby Spinach Salad with Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops and Hot Bacon Dressing
Chateaubriand for Two with Sauteed Wild Mushrooms
Steamed Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
Volcanic Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Creme Anglaise
Chocolate Custard with Carameliz

and the desserts were covered with colorful FRESH FRUITS

If this is what it is like to be wealthy I don’t wanna pay back any student loans on a non-profit salary. SELL OUT NOW!!! Ok, so I am kidding. I don’t wanna sell out, HOWEVER I might up that submission process of my words…to anyone paying $1000 or more 😉

Delicious. And perfect portions. I left full, but not bursting from the seams full. (Of course, I didn’t really eat my chocolate volcano cake, I wasn’t a fan, it was too dry. HOWEVER THE FRUIT AND VANILA CREME MADE UP FOR THE REST!

Here’s to *loves*

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?