Bull. Shit.

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton is the ONLY WOMAN WHO COULD POSSIBLY RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN THIS AUTHORS LIFETIME. (Ok, I’ll give it to her, she’s old…)

I didn’t know it would feel this bad. I didn’t know it would feel this personal. I’m all for a united Democratic party. But losing my last chance to see a woman in the White House feels like shit. And the gloating by the press is even worse. It sounds like “I told you so.” It feels like watching Joan of Arc burned at the stake. You can smell the burning flesh. And then all the crowing about breaking the race barrier — which we haven’t done yet.

Wow. Burning flesh? Must be Hillary set Barack’s house on fire…

But I thought we had moved beyond sexism, and this campaign proved me wrong. The petty woman-hating jibes, the ageism, and the physical mockery have not been easy to watch. The only good thing about the defeat of Hillary Clinton may be a resurgence of feminism, an understanding that we haven’t yet killed misogyny and that we have work to do. “It’s not sexism — it’s her” seems to have replaced, “I’m not a feminist, but” in our national lexicon.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Now I’m not suggesting there aren’t people out there who are this way. BUT THERE ARE PLENTY OF WOMEN WHO AREN’T as well and I am so sick and tired of being told otherwise.

My best friend tells me that Hillary should have been gracious last night. Barack Obama was gracious. But isn’t gratitude the prerogative of the winner? Will women ever be winners? And if so, when?

This woman really thinks that Hillary didn’t win because she was a woman.

Will women ever be winners?

God, I feel actually bad for this poor woman, she really feels this way…must be a sad world to live in and thankfully not one I choose to someday raise my children in.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?