Personal / Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Non-stop fun this past weekend.

Friday night we met up with Don & Camille at their new house in the burbs. I adore their new house! Soooo charming. Made me want to have a cute house and then Mark reminded me that I would HATE the drive into the city to get to work and I agreed. Not ready for a house yet. And besides, when we are, we are movin’ to the country. (And gonna eat a lot of peaches.) No pictures from the evening, but I can say that mass quantities of wine was consumed. And we got home somewhere close to 3 am. Which of course signifies a fantastic evening!

Saturday, upupup bright and early (8am, no joke, holy HELL!) to go to Rochester. Mark taught his class and I scoped out the B&N. (And I do mean scoped…a whole different idea this time, information to follow…someday) After class we met up with friends (Doug, Melissa, and Mark) for lunch at Ming’s Noodles. Mmmmm. Ming’s. It’s been a while since hanging with the Rochester gang, so it felt good to see everyone. (Missed ya KJ!)

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Silver Lake for Karen’s cottage party. A bunch of Mark’s friends from work made the trip and it was such a nice, relaxing time hanging by the lake. And man do we love the drive out in the country. Nice and peaceful and dreamy and makes us think about the future…

We got home around 9 pm, just enough time to realize we forgot to buy cat food and had to go back out to the store. Soooo tired.

Sunday we met Scotty and Kelly for an enormous brunch at Ambrosia (twas their first time…crepes!!!) After eating far too much food, we headed downtown to the Naval Park for a tour. Mark has been itchin’ to go for some time and who better to go with than a Navy man? A great time was had by all. We had an extensive tour of the submarine and Mark and Scott went through the other boat while Kelly and I chatted away.

Later that afternoon, Mark and I headed for a quick run through the Elmwood Art Festival and then to Wegman’s to pick up flowers. At Wegman’s we ran into Nicole and Drew and chatted for some time and then Alex and little Maeve. Friends everywhere! A little while later we headed to South Buffalo for dinner with Scott and Kelly (and Lola, the name I gave their soon to be born baby girl since they aren’t sharing the name!) and an evening of games…that just turned into an evening of chatting. And watching the bonfire. And then realizing HOLY CRAP IT’S 12:30 am!

Needless to say when the alarm clock went off this morning, we weren’t too happy…and boy were our bellys full from all the great food!

Thanks friends for a great weekend!

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