Car Ride

These two.

Oh man. Harley Barley has always enjoyed his car rides. Jordan Giant Puppy, not so much. I do take Harley for seperate car rides once in a while, but HWMMS says when I do, Jordan basically whines and cries and mopes around looking out the window until we are home. Silly dogs.

For some reason, now that we are driving Substitute*, Jordan is ALL ABOUT CAR RIDES.

*Substitute is the name HWMMS gave our new-to-us vehicle. A Subaru Forrester that my brother and sister-in-law sold to us instead of trading it in to the dealer. Whenever HWMMS would try to text the word Subaru, spell check kept changing it to substitute, so instead of Forrester Gump, which is what he wanted to name the vehicle, Substitute stuck. Also, despite being a FORD man through and through (but for the mistress…) he is totally in love with the Subaru.

Substitute with the car seats down in the back = doggie heaven. I mean look at those faces…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?