Cassette Tapes and Boys

Cassette Tapes and BoysA whole website devoted to the beloved mix tape : CASSETTE FROM MY EX

My two favorite tapes I made that I recall VIVIDLY.

“Unrequited Love Mix” you know, for ALL the boys in my life. I’m sure this one in particular was born around the Howie days in the beginning, but…ya know, same ol’ song and dance.

“Random Spring Vernal Equinox Mix” which wasn’t so random, they were all songs for/about my friend Jay who I puppy dog sorority girl loved all through college. Funny that I am now partnered off with a man that shares the same exact Vernal Equinox birthday, eh?

One of these days maybe I will drag the box from the basement and create a proper post. But not today.

In fact, I’m actually feeling quite broken thinking…the name of the blog is Cassette Tapes from my Ex. And I’m pretty certain not ONE SINGLE person I dated/liked/wanted to date ever made me a mix tape. Ever.

But holy crap I cannot COUNT the number of tapes/Cd’s I’ve made for them…

So, moral of the post. I’m pretty pathetic. Mostly give…not a lot of opportunities for taking. Story of my life. And life goes on.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?