Cat Christmas Tree

A CAT Christmas Tree!

I’ve wanted to buy one of these for years and years while HWMMS has been thinking about making one on his own for years and years.

Finally one night, our new friend Molly was talking about her brand new cat tree and I knew we needed to have one too. After all, five kitties dealing with a Giant Puppy, yeah—they need something special.



Cue the happy pictures of HWMMS building the tree.Ā  Very few swear words were uttered in the taking of these photos. (Unlike this post regarding this tree…)




I once had visions of a nice skinny behind the couch long table to put nice things on, but c’mon who are we kidding? A Weber Zoo needs a Weber Cat Tree predominately displayed in the living room.

Mimi Cat took to the tree immediately. She loves hiding in the box.


And lately, she perches on one of the top stoops and attacks the hanging fuzzy mouse. (Sasha Kitten does this too.)


Tubby Cat spent a little time rolling around in the catnip on the lower level…

Tubby Cat

But he prefers solo time on the chair.

No Dani Cat or Annie Cat sightings near the cat tree yet, but then again those two pretty much live upstairs FAR away from Giant Puppy.

A nice addition to the decor of the room, eh?


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?