Cats Love Balloons!

Once again. The balloon and decoration festivus scared the hell out of my cats.

Simba cat and Sasha kitten are scared of balloons. Apparently this phobia is more of a general anxiety disorder of all things decorations. Streamers, banners…balloons. Forget about it.

My friend Susan and her boyfriend decorated our house while Erin and I were out of town for lunch. I left specific instructions to NOT bring the balloons in the house

All of the balloons were placed outside, tied to the railing on the front steps. I guess the cats could still SEE the balloons? Or maybe the streamers bothered them? Because my boys were nowhere to be found when we came home. I found Simba crouching under the kitchen table, comatose. And Sasha underneath the slipcover of the loveseat. The cushion lying on the floor was the indicator leading to my cat. Pussy problems. They continued to be stupified and ended up hiding in the basement for most of the day, and the next day. Simba cat did not even eat. (Simba, my 22 pound food monger…did not eat on Saturday!)

After I removed the few streamers hanging in the hallway, late Sunday afternoon…the cats ventured back out into their home. Very. Cautiously. Very slowly. About 8pm they came into my bedroom demanding attention…I do not understand. Where does this intense fear come from? They never had a traumatic balloon-streamer experience! I have had them since they were wee little things…did one cat tell the other cat that decorations are *bad*? Why do they both act so silly? I will never know…I cannot wait to share the photo of Sasha kitten squished underneath the cupboard on top of the microwave…behind the cupcake pan, afraid the the streamers at least 250 yerds away in the front room would get him.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?