Caucus Talk

I watched some caucus coverage tonight. This election makes me want to revoke my Political Science degree.

I have not watched one single debate. I’ve not been reading articles, listening to news stories or blogging about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Me, a former political junkie?


I believe it started about four years ago: Dear Republican Party…

I can’t get behind any of these candidates, it’s not even lesser of evil support. I look at the Republicans running and I think—-am I reading The Onion? Am I sure I haven’t entered into an Idiocracy  time-warp-zone? HOW CAN THIS BE REAL LIFE?


But the caucus sucked me right in…started reading the tweets, following the CNN (and moaning upon hearing Wolf Blitzer say OUT LOUD “OMG”) put an update on Facebook and started to engage with friends.

My thoughts?

Iowa doesn’t mean a thing.

Yet, that said. Rubio coming so close—will help him. Sanders on the goat hair of Clinton’s chin—will hurt no one but her ego perhaps. Iowa doesn’t matter. Trump giving a rather normal and dare I say nearly gracious “concession” speech will be a news bite. And then we move on…

Now that I’m on this roll…I have to mention that I said out loud tonight that despite my dislike for Mitt Romney, I would choose him over all the Republican candidates in the Iowa Caucus combined. And I really, really am not a fan of Mitt Romney. If a gun was held to my head (and I knew it was loaded) I would choose Rubio.

Cruz? Shudder. I can’t even pretend that I live in a country where Trump is a viable option, I simply refuse to believe it could happen. If it did though, rest assured a majority of his supporters aren’t smart enough to realize they have to register to vote, to actually vote, which would make Hillary Clinton our President.


My ten-year old precocious niece wants Hillary Clinton to win. She is excited to see a woman become president. (Dear God I was her age when Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to run as VP!)  And that makes my political heart so happy I could burst. Even if her Aunt Jenny actively campaigned against her (and met Rudy in the process….) when Hillary ran for Senate in NY. I’m NOT a fan of Hillary. Never have been never will be.


Bernie Sanders is the candidate I’m most aligned with…but I don’t think he will get the nomination.

Although now that I just heard this factoid, I have to wonder if I’m wrong and the universe is trying to tell me something.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Bernie Sanders just said his average campaign donation online has been….WAIT FOR IT. $27! Whaaaaa? 27! My most favorite number in the entire world?

Maybe I should believe?

Dear Bernie Sanders,

Focus on the issues. Not on Hillary. Keep on keeping on. Do not mention the word EMAIL. Just focus on the issues facing America.

Kind regards,

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