Chieftains with the BPO

Friends, Music, Western New York / Monday, March 17th, 2014

Chieftains with the BPO

Friday Night my two favorite men from Philly came into town and we all headed over to Kleinhans Music Hall to see the Chieftains play with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. You can read the review from the Buffalo News here: Chieftains know how to fuel the Irish heartbeat.

What the reviewer failed to mention was the local band The LeftOvers performing on the Mary Seaton Room stage pre-concert for a VIP reception and post-concert for a giant ol’ kickoff to St. Paddy’s weekend.

Of course, I happen to be personal friends with the band, but that doesn’t matter. They rock. Above is a pic of me and my girl Lizzy.

And I got to see old former co-worker friends of mine, which makes me happy.

Yep, a fun kickoff to the weekend…time to go home…to drink at the Weber Bar and watch Boondock Saints.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?