Christie Whitman

I read this book pretty easily, like breathing O2 actually. I remember saying something to Erin that I like these easy fun reads because they are all like “blah blah blah, woman, blah blah blah Republican. Good. The end.” (Of course whatever I said was much wittier, it escapes me now) And that is pretty much what this book says. I generally fall in line with the moderate Republican voices…and hers is no different.

“My parents embodies the differences between the two dominant wings of the party: my father was a good deal more conservative than my politically moderate mother. They shared a devotion to the core beliefs of the party: equality of opportunity, limited government, fiscal restraint combines with lower taxes, a strong national defense. My mother, though, saw a broader role for government in helping people make the most of their potential than did my father. She believed that, within limits, government could be a force for social good- and if that cost money, it would be money well spent…Even with their differences, my parents respected each other’s views, and they firmly believed that moderates and conservatives both had contributions to make to the success of the party. They knew that excluding one or the other would be a political foolishness. One thing they both also believed deeply, and that they taught me emphatically, was that politics was not just about winning elections; it was also about governing. They insisted accomplishing good in a democracy requires accommodation and compromise, that politics should be about the art of the possible, a belief that is all too uncommon in our politics today.”

This quote below reminds me why I tend to fall in love with the type of men that I do. I know it sounds silly, and I am unlikely to *actually* become President someday, but it has always been something I dreamed of. I lived my life very much thinking that *I am going to run for office someday* (How many people who know me, have heard me say this) I suppose that subliminally, I am seeking my partner in crime to support this vision, and it does take a very special soul to put up with the demands, I can already imagine. The Jennifer I want to be someday, is at least one half of a political couple 😉 Hopefully I am the half that gets elected!

“A women (especially one who also takes pride in being a wife and mother) who hopes to pursue a successful political career requires more than inspiration, she requires support from her family, and I have had that in abundance. What has made my career in politics possible was my good fortune in having a strong partner with whom to share the demands of political life, my husband, John. While politics provided a good fit for me as I was able to balance the demands of young children with part-time political office holding, having the support of my spouse was key.”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?