Christmas Candle

Holidays / Thursday, December 25th, 2014

A friend gave us a Christmas Candle to light this season…HWMMS lit it when we woke up and hours later…

…while playing board games, it extinguished. And I actually yelled out loud “NO I DONT WANT CHRISTMAS TO BE OVER YET!” The time was around 10:30 pm.

I think it is a lovely tradition and one I would love to incorporate in the future but seriously, I’m already sad enough when Christmas is over.. I feel the let down of all the ANTICIPATIONANDEXCITEMENT starting on Christmas Eve. The Season goes WAY TOO FAST. December goes WAY TOO FAST. And while Christmas itself is sort of the halfway point of THEMOSTWONERFULTIMEOFTHEYEAR for us (HWMMS birthday and Christmas Eve are first…then Christmas…then My birthday and New Years Eve.) Having the tangible flame go out before my very eyes brought me sadness and tears.

Maybe we need a bigger candle next year? Nyah, I’ll still be sad when it’s over.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?