Friends, Holidays, Travel / Thursday, December 3rd, 2009


A while ago one of my bestests MarMar wanted to plan a get together in Buffalo to visit. I recommended maybe a getaway for the two of us instead, because as much as I love my Buffalo I too need to get away at times!

And the NYC weekend for the 1st week of December was planned. 🙂 AND I LEAVE EARLY IN THE MORNING to meet up with Mary and play the role of HOLIDAY TOURIST IN NYC! Could NOT be more excited!!!

Sadly, I have $0 to spend while in NYC since I haven’t yet received my *extra* money from the other job I’ve been working  So I’ll be doing a lot of walking and picture taking and catching up and sightseeing instead. (Water please!)

*ASIDE* My palm has been itchy ALL WEEK which is supposed to indicate money right? Wrong- it indicates the scar tissue left from my fall this Spring. Damn.

Even MORE exciting? Once Mary started talking about our get away to NYC  on Facebook some of our sisters from college chimed in and we are now meeting up for drinks and dinner (water, please) on Saturday Night! SERENDIPITY!

I love when things work out better than expected!

Is it Friday early morn yet?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?