Christmas Tree Shop

Guess what you can buy at The Christmas Tree Shop?

Why margarita mix, of course!

Sunday was Taco Night at the Smith’s and my Lil Brother came into the living room and said “You bought margarita mix…at the Christmas Tree Shop?

Heck yeah you can! You can buy almost ANYTHING at the Christmas Tree Shop!

In fairness, I had just discovered the Christmas Tree Shop the day before when He Who Makes Me Smile took me there for the very first time. Odd, I know considering I LOVE CHRISTMAS and my Christmas Tree is currently still up (but the ornaments are all packed away!)

I had no idea what was in store.

We found a little bit of everything I mean have you ever been there before? THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! (Of course in March they didn’t have any Christmas stuff, but…) He Who Makes Me Smile even found my future engagement ring there!

Of course the place was a crazy mobbed mess being a Saturday in Early Spring and Nothing Else To Do in WNY But Shop kind of day. I’m not really a fan of the absolute haphazard layout of, well, of everything honestly…an aisle here, a display here, look planters and chocolate and paper towels and St. Patricks Day stuff and more planters! But it was a good “you need to go there” kind of thing to do.

I highly recommend—on a day when you have time to spare and no extra kiddos to run around and get lost.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?