City will attempt to block casino

How much do you think the City of Buffalo is paying the lawyers to bring this case to court?

All I can think of are the thousands of city workers who have been told they face a wage freeze.Perfect timing since the union contracts are to be renegotiated this July. Sure, try to collectively bargain with THIS good faith position forced upon the city. And today we hear that vacation time is frozen as well. FANTASTIC. Oh and the city might become insolvent-going out of business?

So HOW much does this inane lawsuit cost the City?

Message to Buffalo. Cut your”alleged” lo ss, get over it, quit whining. The casino is not the answer. Damn this place pisses me off sometimes…lawsuits are not the answer…just wait and see…City Hall sure ain’t laying off any of their legal team now are they. Grrr.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?