Club Diablo

Randomments / Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Club Diablo is to Alternative/Punk Bar as Chi Chi’s is to Authentic Mexican Food.

Needless to say, I enjoy Chi Chi’s but I expected much more from Club Diablo, especially on Halloween weekend.

Friday night, I went over to Club Diablo with my friend Stephanie around 11 pm to find her boyfriend’s band HORROR of 59 was not going to be playing at 12:00 as planned. As the night dragged on…we found out they weren’t playing at 1:00 either, or even 1:30 thanks to really annoyingly stupid scream contests, and mummy wrapping contests and best costume contests (where the crowd had to cheer and the Emcee couldn’t figure out who was being cheered for the loudest) Frustrating, indeed.

Horror of 59 was the only band that night playing from out of town, custom usually dictates that this band would go on in the beginning of the evening, you know, because they are from out of town and not the main act and MIGHT have to get up early for another show? Sigh. Club Diablo had it all wrong. The band actually started the set around 2:20 am.

I repeat, the band started the set around 2:20 am. And as I tried to explain to the Cleveland men who played the first out of town show here in Buffalo, even though the bars are open until 4:00, it does NOT mean that bands usually go ON at 2:20 am. Even worse? There was ANOTHER BAND AFTER THEM.

And this really sucked, because the band…was pretty decent. I had never heard of the genre Horror Rock, however it seems to fit in QUITE WELL WITH THE SEASON. Tis a flamin shame that the men did not get the audience they deserved.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?