Color me confused.

Color me confused.

Last week, in the beginning of the week I decided to send an email to the person (former friend) of mine who hooked up with someone, well, that she knew I had feelings for. Remember that? Nyah, netiher do I so long ago in the past. Funny how hearing about your ex getting married wipes everything else this year out of your head.

No wait, this happened BEFORE finding that out.

I guess I was just hit with the forgiveness bug. (Inspired by my friend Marina.) I don’t care anymore. I’m not mad. I of course am not interested in being friends, but I wanted her to know I wasn’t holding any grudges etc.

So I said that in an email. And she texted me and told me she missed me. And sent me an email the next day saying she wasn’t sure what to do next.

I agreed and told her something along the lines of I just wanted to let her know how I was feeling, and that was that.

ANYHOW. If this is true? And she wants to be a friend again…and misses me? How on EARTH did it not occur to her to 1. SAY I’M SORRY FOR HURTING YOU and 2. NOT LEAVE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS ON MY BLOG (that are of course, hers and well, always rude.)

I mean really? You think I don’t know it’s you? I have wonderful IT hacker friends in high places. YOU ARE TRACEABLE. I know you just left me a comment, after saying you missed me…

So much for forgiveness and starting over, eh?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?