Community Relations

All in a Days Work / Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Community Relations. Oooh, the job has been fun so far…but for those appointments at the doctor and well, surgery and recovery time. Bah. So many people to meet, so many places to be and so much time (wait, how on earth is is already the middle of May?) Never mind on the time.

The summer will be a busy one for me. End of season Mid-June and then summer season in July-early August. And September is all Gala all the time and now press/media relations on the new season too. My oh my I’ll be busy.

But I love it. I love it I love it I love it. I love meeting “important people and friends” out at lunch with the Executive Director. I love getting emails and voice mails from people who are excited to meet me and work with me. I love making the connection to various community groups and planning collaborations for the future. I love every second. I just have a very long to-do list and an even longer want to-do list. But you won’t hear me complaining.

Mid August is busy time also with my cousin Brenda’s wedding and dear friend Stephanie’s wedding too. (Same weekend, of course. Different days.) I would also love to get to NYC and DC but you know, timing timing timing.

Life is damn good.

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