Commuting: So Far So Good

September 8th: Warning ridiculous statement ahead! The last few days, I’ve actually…I’ve actually been up early with time to drink my coffee, check email, say good morning to the animals and get to work with time to spare, despite the 45 minute commute. And I’m not even grumpy about it!!! <Who am I?>

September 12th: Week #2 of commuting to work begins and I still managed to get out of bed, shower, drink coffee, do the dishes, put away some clothes and drive to work and get in the office 15 minutes early…WITH A SMILE! (It must be love…)

Can I keep this up? Doubtful. Check the archives for “morning person” and you will see I am NOT one of them. And despite spending the first 18 years of my life in the country followed by college in a small town…I’ve lived a significant amount of my adult life in the city where I have lived 2 miles from work at the most and able to walk or take the bus when I didn’t have wheels.

Now I’m 45 minutes away in Niagara County.

Which seems to be working when I know I can leave work at 5:01 and come home.

However this week? Oy, this week I’m a busy, busy girl: Concert with Erin on Wednesday Night, Concert for Work on Thursday Night, Pinkalicious Curtain Up with Dayna/Aurora and Jenn/Maeve on Friday Night. All of these nights mean I will be 1. tired and 2. driving home through lots of construction late at night.

I have a feeling I’ll be thinking differently about my commute by the end of the week.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?