Considering the fact that I’m a blogger who is addicted to social media one might think that I have oh, perhaps a smartphone or a wee portable laptop I carry around everywhere. Nope. I use my phone for texting and am not connected to anything but Twitter (and that is only for direct responses to me) and I have a laptop Erin gave me a while ago that pretty much stays in the corner of the living room unplugged…because I mostly use my desktop.

My desktop has some wonky virus happening that seems like it is the redirect virus but as I checked last night, it wouldn’t even allow me to get on the internet (despite being hooked up to the internet.)

So a few weeks ago I pulled out the ol’ laptop and plugged it in to the internet connection (no wireless either) and have been using that instead…until I spilled a drink on it Friday Night.

I am without computer access at home on weekdays! Eegads! I’m lost! I’m disconnected! I feel, I feel…I feel like this Onion Article!

Of course I have a netbook out in the Country…and my desktop will someday be virus free once again and (fingers crossed) my laptop will be restored—at the very least to get all my music so I can put it somewhere else and BACK IT UP FOR ONCE.  The laptop screen isn’t turning on but the lights go on when I press the little button so I have hope.

If my book club books that I ordered on June 30th would arrive I wouldn’t have any need for a distraction because I would be busy reading for our meeting TOMORROW. However, comma…


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?