Cool Stickers

My niece, Toddler A, is totally in love with Uncle Mark. So much so, that she decided to only show MARK her secret “Flame Book” full of stickers. (Mama offered her the choice of the cute kitty sticker book or cute rainbow sticker book but Toddler A wanted the FLAME book, so the FLAME book she received.)

This would be a picture of them hiding the secret stickers away from Aunt Jenny. Yeah, nice, eh? I did get to see them later though…

A was also coaxed to bed by Daddy late, late, late on Thanksgiving Eve with the promise that Uncle Mark (not JennyMark) would play Clue with her in the morning. Pretty cute. 🙂

Mark reminds me that he does have lots of practice being an Uncle, and I was reminded that too when I met my very latest future great-niece to be yesterday at Thanksgiving Dinner. Only 3 weeks old. Adorable little Anna. One wee niece on my side of the family and six nieces/nephews and now seven great-nieces/nephews on Mark’s side!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?