Cousin Game Night!

Family / Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Cousin Game Night!. We played the Little A Version of *Hey! That’s My Fish!* Basically because there are 12 of the cutest little penguin figures ever inside the box and they are the perfect size for a hide and seek Easter Egg Hunt! A few rounds of kids hide penguins and adults find and then adults hide penguins and kids find occurred. Cute. (Thank you B for bringing this game into my life!)

Next up, a rousing game of SORRY! which went on a little too long and we sort of lost our attention span. Although watching a super cute over tired Maeve dance around made my night.

After the McD’s left the Dean-Steins and The Smith went for the game Things! First off, I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN WITH ALL ADULTS (sorry Jessie Penguin) and drinking can only make it crazier. Also more than 4 people. LOVE THIS GAME! Oh the many quotes I couldn’t keep track!

“We have butts, your butt, chocolate that looks like poo and Miley Cyrus. The question again, what are things you never should put on a kitchen table.”

“I pretty much do everything on a bus.”

“Pick your nose, pick your…butt. You two were made for each other.”

Ah, as a well needed break from the  insanity of the game THINGS! I broke out the Blizzard of 77. (Bought it off of Ebay) Now here is something that I don’t ever recall happening before, Jessie Penguin on her FIRST WEATHER CARD got the BLIZZARD! Which needless to say meant it was a very, long, game.

With Jessie in bed, Brenda/Lori brought out KILLER BUNNIES and 6 expansion packs? I watched the two of them play to learn the ropes so I could be prepared for my wee cousin Jessie to beat me in the morning.

I LOVED this game. So random. So fun. SO MANY CARDS AND EXPANSION PACKS. (I had a Back to the Future Card!)

The best part is….none of the actual game playing matters in the end. The winner is determined by whoever matches the random carrot card at the bottom of the deck. Ridiculous. Outstanding.

Sometime around 4 am we went to bed. Jessie Penguin had me up pretty early the next morning and we started to make brunch while the others slept.

Slept until we got out CATCH PHRASE! This was an easy enough transition into morning since Brenda and Lori could still lounge on the pullout couch.

Brenda to Jessie “Ok, Grandma and Grandpa are…”

Jessie: ‘Dead?”

Brenda: “Yes!”

Note for the future: never put Brenda and her daughter on the same team for Catch Phrase.  Jessie can’t read her mom’s mind. (And neither can we actually…but it was funny to watch.)

I think that’s more games than I’ve played all year!

Good times, great people.


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