Cousin Time

Family, Personal / Saturday, December 20th, 2003

“Red Bull” Cousin

My littlest cousin spent the night. That would be Brenda and her little daughter, Jessica. HOLY energy drink in a can Batman!

In the same one hour period Jessie wanted to “play with Sasha and Simba, make Christmas Cookies, Wrap Presents, Play a game of Sorry, Jump on the bed, be a makeup artist, play photographer, help Jennie clean up the apartment and watch Finding Nemo.” How? I have no idea…but man, can SOMEONE bottle this enthusiasm?

I think the cutest thing I have ever seen was Jessica dressing me and Bren up with makeup and playing photographer. I do not know WHERE she got this bug? but she was a pro…setting up the scene, making sure the penguins were placed just so and we were smiling, or not, just so. Too freaking funny. At one point Simba Cat was on the bed with us and she wanted to continue to put makeup on me for the photo shoot…she turned to Simba, VERY SERIOUSLY (Simba by the way hid from Jess for at least 2 hours…he was curled up besides me getting attention and hiding from Red Bull at this exact moment) And jess turned to Simba and seriously said “Simba Cat, you don’t need any makeup.” And went on her merry way. Too freaking cute!!!

SO cute, and sooooooooooo much energy, and I think I’m an attention monger?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?