Crazy Pumpkin-Headed Girl

Personal / Friday, November 7th, 2003

Hello everyone, fans, friends, family and foes. (Foes? Surely I jest.)

I’m just about all over the place today…having placed a self-issued quarantine on my body and soul since Wednesday. I’m now fully alive and ready to face the weekend on Friday! This means a series of disjointed blogger moments coming up below. Hang on. (And no, I have not had THAT much coffee today.)

First off. Ron. Countdown one week. My heart smiles.  Hence the crazy pumpkin headed girl title above. I LOVE acoustic Ron Hawkins. Love lovelovelovelovelovelove. I shall never live more than a day trip away from Toronto because of this man and his music. Ok, if I do live more than a day trip away, I will always make sure I have the $$ for a plane ticket to Toronto.

And now I share some of the joys of being, not just a woman…but a Jen with you all. I seriously wonder how on earth my mood fluctuates so dramatically and so frequently. (If this doesn’t make sense keep reading, you will see.)

I have read up on every imaginable psychological disorder to try to solve this conundrum. The closest I have come to a match is a diagnosis of Bi-Polar II (Depression mixed with Hypomanic episodes) I go up and down more times in a day than a child on a see-saw! And right now I am upupup manic Jen, the Jen I love the most. Sometimes, I imagine that I’m just one of those weird people who NORMAL= manic state. Yikes. God help the people who love me in my life.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

I wake up way too early to both of my cats on my head. OF COURSE THEY ARE HUNGRY, they are widdleing away I tell you!! They are adorable. PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR PURRRRRRRRRRR The “pay attention to me now” purr. My cats are a reflection of self…very demanding of affection when they need it. :So I get up, feed the poor boys…take a shower. Make breakfast. Listen to music. Buy the paper. Make a long distance phone call…and wait for 8:00 am.

8:00am is registration time. I call *BIRD the automated touch tone system at UB* and fight with all the high speed people for my registration window. Normally, there is one class out of the bunch that fills up immediately…all the rest are mine for the taking. THIS time I am fighting for a seat in New York Practice with the one and only instructor Sullivan. MUST TAKE SULLIVAN cry the masses! And this time, there are only 2 sections, instead of 5 available (and the only one is worth taking is Sullivan) Only 3L’s can take the class and pretty much everyone takes it. OF COURSE I’m ambivalent. I don’t WANT to take the class. I do not want to learn about discovery motions, pleadings. I don’t *want* to be a lawyer! (sometimes) BUT I go back and forth, I SHOULD take it. I don’t want to take it. I SHOULD you get the idea. I’m not even sure that I want to BE a practicing attorney and if I choose to be one…will it be in NY? One class wont tell me everything I need to know about New York Practice anyhow, right? Real life experience right? Anyhow I decide to put it on my list. I figure I can drop it before class starts at the end of January. WELL lucky me. I didn’t even get a chance to drop it, because the class was closed in one minute. One minute. These law students are fierce I tell you. So be it.

I figure it is a sign. A sign of something bigger and better and more Jen suited for my future….of course I cant help being pissed off that the section was closed out. And that I’m now missing out on something very important and now I will fail the bar exam because I did not have automatic dial up to get the first 20 openings into registration. Hell, why am I worrying about this? I cant even decide if I am taking the NY bar exam in July or the following Feb! Why am I pissed? BECAUSE I DID NOT GET MY WAY.

Blah. Read the paper. Blah. I am a wee bit concerned over the talks between the Seneca Nation and Albany. Mostly because if the Native Americans decide to declare tire-fire war in the middle of the 90 when I WANT TO GO HOME FOR THANKSGIVING. I will be pissed. (Not getting my way, again.) I do have to read up more on this topic. Albany is going to tax the reservation, which is against a treaty and the US Constitution, so says the newspaper ads and television spots…etc… I THOUGHT they are planning on taxing the NON-Indians who are getting tax free cigarettes and gasoline. I do not know. I will look into it and get back to you all. ALL I KNOW is that the last time NY tried to do this, it was messy. Messy messy messy and on Shredd and Regan this morning  SUE from the RES called in and said that the Senecas are prepared to get violent. Yikes. All I want is some turkey and stuffing. No seriously, it is an important issue I need to look into before I spout out anymore nonsense. Oh, and I like cheap gas too. And I HATE the casino. Isn’t there something inherently wrong with a war between hundreds of State Troopers with firearms and the Seneca Nation with matches on THANKSGIVING? Hmmm.

And the front page is STILL talking about the possible recall of the Mayor. WHERE WERE THESE PEOPLE WHEN MAYOR MASIELLO WAS RUNNING FOR REELECTION? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I did not vote for the man. I also did not run for office. BUT why why why do we continue to discuss a recall? Anyone who voted for the man, got what they asked for…no surprises. Grrr.

All we need is a local Buffalo Celeb to step in…Ani for Mayor? Robby from the Goo Goo Dolls? Tim Russert? Wolf Blitzer, he was educated here? Jessie L. Martin? What about Hillary, she has spent a TON of time here in WNY I’m sure she would make a formidable candidate and then she can get the national cronies off her back. Ridiculous talk. Now, KEVIN GAUGHIN, if he got into the discussion. I would change my mind completely and work jump on that campaign bandwagon. Hearing this man speak gives me such hope and confidence and inspiration over my beloved WNY region. I strongly recommend getting a chance to hear him speak.

Next stop. TV. Jessica Lynch. (YES, if you join the Army you might end up in war. Even a girl.) Blah. What else is on? Flip, flip, flip…OH LOOKY! A BABY STORY! (why would I STOP on a Baby Story??? Hmm. Not because I want babies…hmm…who out there wants babies?

Why have I been thinking about being of the age of having babies? Not because I am turning 30 and nowhere near a baby, MAYBE someone near and dear to Me is having a baby? Hmm. Mouth shut. (And no it is not my sister-in-law, to my knowledge!) So………….after crying over catching a glimpse of “A Baby Story” (*I wants bunches of babies too* WHAT! SELF, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!!)

I decided to get out of the apartment ASAP and head up the block to the internet cafe…and I’m glad I did, they have a silly sign by the register that says:

“Were sorry. Cafe 59 does not have sporks. (arrow pointing to a spork taped to the sign) We do however have spoons available. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

If anything can get a woman out of the crying over lifetimetelevisionforwomen mood it is a spork.

AND THE AMAZING FALL DAY OUTSIDE! Yes, the paper said that overnight the Southern tier MIGHT see some snowfall (YAY!!! I was, once again, NOT listening to Christmas Music or anything this morning!) And we might get a dusting!

The only thing I am not looking forward to with Winter, is Leroy. My car and I have this understanding. He gets me where I need to go. And I usually choose NOT to go unless I have to (have to get that darn muffler fixed so I can drive it without becoming overcome with fumes!) ANYHOW. I do love my winter. I cannot ever wait to browse the Elmwood strip shopping wi

th the snow falling and the coffee steaming! Yay! AND I WANT MY CARRIAGE RIDE THIS YEAR. I will get a carriage ride, even if I have to bring my cats with me. (I’m weird, I admit it.)

So when I decided to take a walk outside in the 40 degree sunny weather I was not expecting to be hit with a STRONG dose of Fall-lovin! The sun is shining…the leaves are twirling and swirling and crunching everywhere. A perfect morning. (Until I got into the shade, where it was a tad bit breezy.) I walked into the Cafe wanting a cup of warm apple cider (originally I was leaning towards Chai.) No apple cider. However, they Do have CIDER CHAI. What the? A perfect blend of my two moods. Yum.

So now I sit here at the computer and waste time. There were many other things I wanted to share…and my mind is drawing a near blank. Hmm.

Ok. I think that is enough for now. I’m off to do some real work, although the blog is a major catharsis for my mental state. I *am* a law student in need of being a *law student*

Plans for the weekend include a date at the Tudor Lounge with Erin and a Buffalo band called “Grand National” good stuff. Plus the bass player (Erin’s fav) and the Lead singer (my fav of course!) are quite *talented* in the physical appearance department. And the first and last time we ever went there, we found ourselves with free drinks, as well as free drink tokens to come back. Always good. And I just KNOW that Ms. Erin will find someone to knock the kissy boots with this weekend cause the parents are coming into town. I will laugh. Much laughter imagining E buying bass hottie a drink, and getting a smooch in return…and settling for a phone number. He he he he…WAIT. Am I projecting my own instable moments of the year onto my best friends life? Perhaps.

: )

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