Creature of Habit

Pets / Monday, November 4th, 2013

Henri, like his papa, is a crazy creature of habit. We tried to move the out of place green chair that has been sitting in corner of the foyer into the other room and into the *future* nursery. Of course this was the chair Henri would sit on when mama was in the dining room at the table on the computer

Well, today we decided to move my computer desk into the dining room with a view out the window of the front porch instead of the upstairs *office* area that we’ve not remotely done anything with. In about 10 years that large office area will make a fantastic upstairs living space/playroom but for now it’s just completely unused.  It was going to be our office but with HWMMS spending ALL of his time on the ground floor in the basement in his workshop with his computer and me sitting at the dining room table or sucked into the couch when I’m on the computer, it just made no sense. Now I’m trying to figure out where to place all the bookshelves. (In 10 years when that upstairs room is the playroom…the extra bedroom “nursery” downstairs will become the library/office. Long term plans are good but we live in the present right?)

So here I am typing away at the computer and Henri is pacing back and forth back and forth circle and scratching on the door and looking at me and looking at the empty corner where the chair once sat…about 10 minutes of this and I gave in.

Green out of place chair is back in the foyer. Henri is happy.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?