Da Bacon Duo

Time for the annual photo of Mrs. Bacon and Free Bacon at the QCRG Awards Banquet!

My Husband, bless his heart, LOVES DERBY. Over the last few years he went from person who likes derby and goes to games to NSO (Non Skating Official) to Head NSO to Head of Production to Director (Vice-Chair) this past year. The countless hours he has given to the league, as so, so many others do, boggles my mind quite frankly, but the passion is his not mine.

And yes, it has been a point of contention with me, and I’m not proud of it, but I want what is best for him—-when I see someone attend 100 games and set up and tear down and go early and have this meeting in the city and then another a day later and a scrimmage and another errand to run and phone call to make and and and…well, it’s exhausting to watch and I selfishly miss him.

I’ve created amazing friendships through the league and have many happy memories and for this I’m eternally grateful.

And my Husband found a whole new world he loves to participate in—-and for that I’m eternally grateful. I saw first and second* hand how much work he put in this year as Director and couldn’t be prouder.

Truly I’m the happiest knowing that next season, Free Bacon is going back to just being—well, NSO and volunteer. When he wants, not every game. No drama, no leading…just being.

And as for me. I might attend game or two, but no more fancy banquets for Mrs. Bacon. It’s not my thing, it’s never been my thing. I love and support my Husband—and my friends in Derb, but for me personally, nope.

Life is short. Do the things you love that make your spirit soar.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?