Dating Lessons Learned

Dating / Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Dating Lessons Learned

Hmmmm. I’ve dated quite a bit this past year…and I have learned a few lessons I would like to share (Disclaimer: Not all lessons learned are necessarily universal…)

1. If while kissing someone you would rather be kissing someone else (or no one in particular just not him) you should probably be kissing someone else (or no one in particular just not him.)

2. If three dates pass and all you get is a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, chalk it up as another friend.

3. If he tells you he’s not over his ex-girlfriend…believe him.

4. Even if he seems to have all the qualities you *want* if he drives you crazy (and not in a good way) it is kinder to cut the cord. As soon as possible.

5. The ex-boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend for a reason.

6. If there isn’t a semi-concrete plan for a date a week after your last date…you have entered friend territory, back away quickly.

7. Facebook comments do not count as communication.

8. If someone is recently “5 minutes” divorced do not get your heart involved, even if he thinks he is ready to be dating.

9. Do not date ANYONE not worthy of breaking your heart.

10. Just when you think you need a dating sabbatical… 😉

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