Dear God.

I put soup and another egg in my body yesterday. I kept food down and only slept HALF the day! I made it to Rochester in time to eat crackers and sleep. (Romantic, I know) So today, I thought I was all set…ALL SET! I dropped Mark off at work and waited to go into Barnes and Noble to read for a while. I stopped to get a fruit parfait and well this…SMOOTH not BOLD.

Oh GOD why? Stupid thing to do and I only had half the cup. My stomach still hates me. I couldn’t even eat a plain ol Wegman’s Cheese Sandwich for lunch. Blah. BUT I feel ok now, except my stomach hates me. Mark was sick last weekend, with a stuffy nose and throat scratches. Not the flu that kills all stomach lining and makes me nauseous and cope with acid-lined throat. Karma. Bites me in the ass and stomach.)

Just one last thing though…I ‘m not entirely sure I ever sat at a B&N without coffee in hand. Scared me a little…just a little. And I know for a fact I have never roadtripped to oh, say, BOSTON to my friends wedding this weekend…without being able to consume the java bean…Pure evil? Karma, I tell ya. Not pretty.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?