Depression, in Her Words

I’ve shared words about my depression before, but never as eloquently as this. Thank you for sharing Kristen…and Olivia, you are SO SO SO not alone. And now, enter my big fat, happy pills medicated tears of empathy.

“You are beautiful woman. Why even mess around and let depression eat away years of a great life? Stay on the medicine. Let it help you. You deserve it, and your family deserves you.

Don’t give up. Don’t feel shame. Do whatever you HAVE to in order to remain the treasure you are – to yourself, to your family, and to the world that surrounds you.”

I HATE that depression can make me feel like this, someone who is a friend of a friend feel like this andĀ SO MANY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND OTHERS hide in the shadows in shame.

As my friend Jenn commented:

It’s sad that people treat this medical issue so differently than I treat my thyroid disease or my husband treats his high blood pressure. Something isn’t functioning properly and there is no reason to feel shame over taking medication.

If you are one of these people hiding, know you aren’t alone. Reach out to someone, anyone…ME. There’s no need to be ashamed.


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