“Do what you love. Fuck everything else.”

And in with the new!

I’m home from my last Christmas celebration with the family. This year, I managed to make it through five gatherings. (Blogging them soon, I PROMISE FAMILY OF MARK!) And last night after the last gathering of family, I headed to my dear friend Linda and Bob’s place, along with JoAnn. (And we all missed Rhonda, who needs to be at our next gathering!) The plan originally included a night out on the town to see NEW WAVE NATION (80’s cover band) we saw them a few months ago for Girls Weekend Out.

However, our Linda Lu was under the weather. So we stayed in and watched Little Miss Sunshine instead. (Loved it!) Superb casting…

“Do what you love. Fuck everything else.”

And now? Now I am home again. Marky had to go to Rochester to work for the day and I am here working for the day as well (except I want to go to bed, I shall pour the coffee instead!)

Little Miss All Things Hostess and Mark are hosting a New Years Open House Brunch at our place tomorrow late morning-early afternoon. My Lil Brother keeps RSVP’ing with over 20 guests, so I have some serious QUICHE to get making! In reality, I think about 40 or so assorted people and little people and brand new peoples should be stopping by throughout the afternoon…I am excited! I love a good get together! AND what a way to start off the new year, with friends and family!!!

So now, I have to do all the cleaning and organizing of the new penguins.

And do some more baking (since ALL THE COOKIES I HAVE MADE HAVE BEEN GIVEN AWAY TWICE OVER!) Ok, I didn’t bake these buckeyes and coconut bars today, but I did coat them with chocolate. I did bake peppermint brownies and cinnamon oatmeal cookies today. And fruit and nut muffins and biscotti and chocolate coffee bean bark bites.

I also have a few dishes to prepare: quiches, stuffed french toast, hash brown casserole and Baked Ziti.

French toast and hashbrown casserole is in the fridge!

And well, I should wash the floors too, huh?

I also want to get in the “end of the year” blogging, but who the heck knows if I will have time for that! In between batches of cookies maybe. JoAnn is coming up early this evening and we are likely to have some drinks and watch a movie and then walk on over to McGarrets for the Skiffle Minstrels. Woo hoo!

How are YOU celebrating the end of the year and beginning of the new one?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?