Don’t make fun of the obese DD sized jogger in training!

One of my co-workers sent out over email this workout plan “7 weeks from COUCH to RUNNING the Corporate Challenge!”

I made the mistake of sending it to Mark, who PRINTED it out. And today? Despite my grump and headache coming home from work, he made me do the first workout walk/run. I think he said the words “DO IT FOR CHARITY!” more than once. Damn him, knowing right where to prod me…(ahem) 😉

“Get your swishy pants on NOW, woman!”

Somehow, I made it through alive. I’m not a jogger by any means but I have always secretly wanted to be. When I was young, I would listen to my walkman and walk up one row up grapes in the vineyard and jog down the other. This workout was sort of the same concept. Except I must have told Mark 100 times that he must hate me, I’m totally out of shape, I can’t do it and to go ahead without me.

Turns out he doesn’t hate me. I am totally out of shape, but I did do it (felt great after) and he didn’t even go ahead without me despite my turtle slow jogging speed. And after?

We did a little stretching together.

I need to make a trip to Fleet Feet up the street to get fitted for a real sneaker though, the ones I used today are exceedingly old and I have very flat feet and now a lovely blister on my right foot where the arch should be.

Posting this journey will keep me honest, allow me to spend Q.T with my love and “get me in baby making shape.” So in 5 years or so when I can run for 20 minutes at a time, I might be ready…somehow, while speaking this and jogging, Mark didn’t pass out.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?