Dragonflies Everywhere

Dragonflies have surrounded me everywhere this past week GIANT gorgeous ones & teeny tiny ones. All over Weber Wonderland.

Not surprising.

  • A family friend passed away last week.
  • September 5th. Bah.
  • And this morning my friend’s grandmother passed away.

Sometimes I think I’m crazy. Am I just reallyreallyreally hoping and wishing that seeing dragonflies means anything other than seeing a dragonfly or is is a sign—synchronicity in the universe?

After pondering this thought this afternoon, I decided to spend some time sitting in the grass, quietly watching the puppies play in the backyard…testing my theory. (Cause yes, I’m an asshole. I decided to challenge the universe and what I have believed the dragonfly has meant to me for the last 25 years.)

No dragonflies in sight, just two frolicking brindles...I ask “if dragonflies are signs of my loved ones in spirit, I’ll see one in the next few minutes while sitting here.”

Yeah. Ballsy, eh? In some ways sure, but like I said, I’ve seen them everywhere this last week so maybe I’m just playing a game I know I have a good chance of winning.

Ask and ye shall receive?

A minute goes by, no dragonflies. I’m feeling like an arrogant idiot. Sorry universe. Sorry family in spirit, I’m just off today.

Another minute, nothing. I take a deep breath and I close my eyes to meditate. (I find that I do this often when sitting outdoors, just a few deep breaths after closing my eyes nothing life changing, just a few moments to myself.) I clear my thoughts.

I open my eyes.

AND OH MY GOODNESS THE GIANT DRAGONFLY IS BACK. It’s in the backyard doing laps around me. Almost divebombing me at least ten times. No joke, I actually flinched a few times, this one is HUGE!

And it’s flying around and around and around and around. I’m sitting there shaking my head in beliefdisbeliefbelief. Laughing. “Ok, I’m listening.”

For the next 10 minutes I’m watching this dragonfly, amused and amazed. It was nowhere—and then I opened my eyes and bam! I’m wondering why it’s being so assertive and keeps flying almost into me.

My mind is filled with a million thoughts.

  • Am I supposed to be taking better care of myself?
  • Am I supposed to check up on my mom?
  • Am I on the right track and I should stop worrying?

After each thought another thought rushes in and then another and another and the dragonfly keeps on circling. I’m actually at a point where it’s sort of freaking me out. If HWMMS didn’t come home from work and see it himself I might have doubted that it was even out there circling because it just kept coming back around to me.

I wanted it to leave.

Please go away. And it doesn’t.

And then, for some reason I hear “just close your eyes.” I close my eyes, clear my head. About 5 minutes later, my eyes open——-and the dragonfly is gone.

Just like that.

In that exact moment it hit me. “Quiet your mind.”

Keep it simple, Quiet your mind. Close your eyes. Breathe.

Thank you universe (dad) for the reminder.

And maybe I should consider that tattoo I’ve been thinking about with Linda Lu and Joey. Similar to the one here but with a tail and snowflakes like in the photo in this post? On my wrist…? Every time I’d look at it, I would be reminded…

“Quiet your mind.”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?