Dreaming of…rabbits?

Dreams / Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I had a variation of my recurring dream last night.

I’m at my childhood home. I wake up realizing, as usual…that our rabbits need to be fed.

Aside: How many times do I have to have this dream in my life?

As I enter the barn I see the rabbit cages are not where they are supposed to be—stacked against the walls of the barn, but rather there is ONE LARGE CAGE on the floor (almost like a rabbit playpen) with about 27 floppy eared bunnies inside, running around happy, with food and water and fresh hay.

Perfect. But not at all what I expected.

In the other corner of the barn (and this is a new twist of the dream…) my two guinea pigs from long ago (Rumor and Whisper) are in a similar cage, playing and happy. All our cats are happy too, including Simba and Sasha. And in the back of the barn, I notice big barrels of food and lots of bales of hay.

In conclusion: everything is fine just moved around not where I expected to find things. AND I somehow incorporated my recent past by adding Rumor and Whisper AND the present with Simba and Sasha. Every incarnation of this dream in my past involved only my childhood pets.

So odd. What does it mean?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?