Drink Water. Take Vitamins.

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.”
William Shakespeare

Gosh, I feel completely unhealthy lately. Self-neglecting is an understatement. I feel bloated and icky. Time to get serious about some changes.

I decided I’m going to inch my way towards a new positive life goal each week. Starting off small, I’m choosing for the first week of March…


I drank beer for breakfast on Saturday. And beer for lunch. And beer for dinner. (Powder Keg Festival.) Needless to say, Saturday night and most of Sunday my body was hating the amount of beer consumed.

I need to detox. I need more water. It’s too late when you are already thirsty, dehydration started kicking in. I’m usually pretty good about getting several bottles of water in the workday and much worse on the weekend. But for some reason, I’ve slacked. I notice it because I’m retaining water. I notice it because I’m always hungry. I notice it because I’m headachy.I notice it cause I’m heartburny. Just plain ucky.

So this week…I will fill up the water bottle (16 oz) and drink at least 4 of them while at work. And hopefully, because I’m a bigger girl and need more water…one before work and at least one after work. An easy enough goal to reach right? Gulp, gulp…drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day AND add extra 8oz for every cup of caffeine? Good grief…I’ll be swimming away!

Benefits of Water

  1. Improves endocrine (hormone) function
  2. Increases metabolic function
  3. Drastically declines appetite
  4. Increases fat used for energy
  5. Liver function improves
  6. Decreases fluid retention
  7. Increases natural thirst

In addition to the water, I will make sure to take my vitamins daily. I’m actually pretty good at this…but for that multi…the one I have to take with food or I get sick to my stomach. Unfortunately I don’t eat breakfast (I see another habit to form) and if I do eat breakfast it’s at work where my vitamins are not. I take an Omega3, Folic Acid and Vitamin C daily. But the multi has fallen to the wayside. I will do better with that this week as well.

Future goals:

-Eating more fruits and veggies daily
-Eating breakfast
-Limit drinking and fried foods
-Exercising an hour a day
-Keeping a food/mood journal

Wish me luck. Anyone care to join me?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?