Dyngus Day Buffalo 2015

Holidays, Western New York / Monday, April 6th, 2015

Happy Dyngus Day! Time to head down to the Historic Polonia District in Buffalo for a little post-lenten celebration!

Where the hell do all these thousands upon thousands of people in WNY come from at 5pm on Easter Monday for a Dyngus Day parade to wear red, listen to polka, drink Krupnick, eat pierogies and get soaked by squirt guns while waving pussy willows? I will never know.

What other parade has tanks, a portapotty on a float (brilliant!) and hands out Star Wars posters as swag? None other than the Dyngus.

And of course, no parade in WNY is complete without a sighting from our beloved friends the Queen City Roller Girls! Free Bacon represented along the parade route tonight by sporting our Saucies hat.

Ah, friends found while Dyngusing.

Best quote of the night was from MamaChops who said “I could go for a sample of that….” as the One Foot Cock float drove by. Yep, Mama, couldn’t we all. Couldn’t. We. All.

Also, That’s What She Said.

Last but not least, we got a glimpse of a happy couple who married on Dyngus Day being interviewed by the local news in front of the enormously large dirt/snow mountain in front of the Central Terminal and the Belvedere Vodka ladies proudly promoting their goods in the background.

Only in Buffalo my friends, only in Buffalo.

Na zdrowie!



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