Penguin Necklace

The nice man I’ve been dating the last few weeks bought me a very, very nice Christmas present.

A sterling silver diamond/amethyst penguin necklace.


One day he asked me if it was too early to exchange Christmas gifts…then he told me when he told his one girlfriend what he was thinking about getting me (jewelry) she said “TOO MUCH” so I of course prodded to see what he was thinking, as in let me know what the super nice thought was and then we could get something little…

He send me the link to the necklace above. Which I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE with of course—a purple penguin!!!

Of course he didn’t listen.

It’s lovely. So is he.

Oh and…I’ve never received a piece of *real* jewelry from any man I’ve dated before, hence the title.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?