Family / Monday, August 16th, 2010

Oh. My.

I’m exhausted.

I spent Friday-Saturday-Sunday until 1am Monday with my darling 11 year old cousin Jessica. Twas her mom and Lori’s 1st anniversary weekend and while we went jamboree-ing, they spent time working and playing, Tweenless.

"I'll just sit here and watch..."

Love this girl. Love her so. And I have a new found respect for those parenting adorable darling sweet energetic talkative children of this age.

Go Jessie!

Setting up Chateau Jen


I snapped this adorable photo of Jessie in one of the rare quiet moments of the morning over the weekend. I’ve been thinking about wanting to be in this position myself, all day.

Oh boy

In fairness to Jessie…the weekend was also filled with more than a handful of children under the age of 5. (In fact…one, two…ten? I think ten total over the course of the weekend.) Aunt Jenny happens to be well loved and received in this age group. Aunt Jenny is the one in the turquoise being well loved and received.


Thank goodness for my large FREEDOM (not Liberty…) adult beverage sippy cup filled with vodka lemonade for most of the weekend.

Sunday Night Jessie came over to my place and we had Chinese for dinner…read books…BUILT MY PANTRY WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS…went for ice cream…and played games. Many, many games. Just call us Gma/Gpa Baker we made it through a whole Yahtzee scorecard! With Jessica winning. By several Yahtzees in fact. I also taught her the Smith method of making sure to get the bonus points on top, which she of course picked up quickly.

Life is good. Kids are amazing, wonderful…and exhausting. And my friends are kick ass parents.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?