Facebook and Breakups

Dating, Personal / Friday, October 31st, 2008

Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. I can’t believe I am about to write this next post…

On my Facebook Profile, I obviously changed my status to “In a Relationship” to “Single.” I had the relationship setting set to private so it wouldn’t show up on everyone’s news feed. Of course I use Facebook to communicate with friends daily unlike Mark, who is still, three weeks later listed as “In a Relationship.” Sigh…

Silly, childish, no?

During the few ambiguous days (week(s)…) where I was still hoping, maybe we could work something out—not let it end quite yet—I noticed that Mark logged in and accepted a friend request from one of my best friends in Annapolis. Not one of our mutual friends mind you, but my friend. I thought that was odd, but I’m a girl and over think things.

I deleted Mark as my friend right away, I didn’t want to accidentally superpoke him or something.

And another one of my best friends said she waited to hear about us being officially over and then deleted him.  I mean in reality, she only saw him once or twice a year with me anyhow…and I went through and deleted the friends of Mark’s that I won’t see without him, because I didn’t want them to hear about things through me through status updates etc.

Of course there are the good friends of Mark who I might not see (the Rochester people) and the crew of Buffalo Friends I’ve made through his work (several of the girls sent me messages saying we needed to get drinks soon or hang out) who I’m also friends with. One of Rochester friends the other day “Dropkicked” me on SuperPoke and it made me a little sad. I will miss him.

How strange is this post?  How 13 years old is this post? How strange is the world of social networking and being able to access everyone instantaneously and broadcast what you are doing at a moments notice. How strange to think of the lines of real friendships vs. Facebook Friends. How weird thinking one person is thinking of you *just enough* to do something silly like “Dropkick you” and that says a lot more than it looks in black and white. How strange is it for me to see my friends, listed as Mark’s friends although Mark and I…


Weird. Childish. I get it. I’ll stop now.

I have every faith in the world that Mark and I will be friends someday…but just not now.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?