Facebook and Jennifer Smith

My friend Stephanie posted this link on her Facebook page.

Facebook: ‘Why not give your ex another shot?’
Social network’s ‘friend suggestions’ getting a little … um … inappropriate


Um. Yeah.

Considering the fact that I got to see Mark and the pictures of his new bride stare at me when I logged into Facebook on my highlights section.  The man I was domestically partnered with until last October? The one who married a woman from Colombia, South America (Spanish Speaking) who he met online looking for Latina love while still living in *our* apartment? The one  he met for 7-10 days and married?

I saw pictures of his step-son giving away his new bride while the atheist non-believer stood at the front of the church with a priest. Ok, ok…in fairness I had to CLICK on the link to see those but, duh, of course I’m gonna click. I’m human!

Best of luck to him he found true love and marriage and fatherhood and family and religion all in one fell swoop. Oh hell I’ve done a lot in these last 8 months too…ahem.

ANYHOW these were the things we I wanted and far past the point when I realized it wasn’t going to happen we broke up in order to find someone else more compatible.

But I don’t particularly want to see his wedding pictures every time I log into Facebook because we have mutual friends, ya know?

Gotta love Facebook. Crazy Technology.

And guess what? The woman in the story above? HER NAME: JENNIFER SMITH. (No not my story, the MSNBC story.)

“Very ‘Big Brother-ish,’ ” said creeped-out Facebook user Jennifer Smith of Tampa Bay, Fla.

I love how the Facebook representative said the problem was easy to solve because you can just X out a person suggested to be a friend…because you cannot just X out the HIGHLIGHT section when Casamente photos of mi ex appear.

The Highlights section of your home page contains information that Facebook thinks you’ll find most interesting. This includes things like Groups your friends have recently joined, Events your friends are attending, Pages your friends are fans of, and Photos and Links your friends have recently posted. Our goal is to provide you with interesting, relevant stories that keep you up to date with the changes going on around you.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to guarantee that a particular story appears in your Highlights.

Although Facebook is right I did find it most interesting (to look at once) and it did truly help me realize the changes going on around me. 😉

Moving right along.

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