Facebook Paranoia

I’m friends with a person on Facebook from who I know from college and I posted a comment under his recently changed profile picture the other night along the lines of…

“Looking good, nice picture! But then again, I’m partial to bald men. :)”

Of course…Mark and another man “from my past” and an unrequited love from long ago…all had shaved heads.


So I noticed in the update file that my friend had changed his profile picture and photos.

Of course, the profile picture was DELETED along with my comment.

So instead of emailing him and saying “sorry if I offended you” and explaining the comment (which I might still do now that I’m rationally thinking.) I deleted him from my friends list. Cause obviously, he didn’t want that comment on his profile, so he must be embarrassed of me.

Can I be more 12? Some days, yes.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?