Fall. Football.

Fall is here.

I picked up a leaf to carry with me to make me smile. My how I love Fall (which changes into Winter.)

Fall means FOOTBALL. And FOOTBALL makes me happy. The BILLS WINNING kicking ass at their season opener is even better. Even my far from fantastic fantasy team won this week (and I still have players tomorrow night!)

I do admit, I had other matters to attend to today so I did not see the game. I caught parts of the pre-game show. A little of the 2nd and 3rd on the radio and some of the 4th on TV. And I heard a bit of the post-game wrap up while driving where I heard the news about Tom Brady and thought, “OUCH, wow, that sucks.”

And it wasn’t until I got home HOURS later when Iogged on the computer to find out that the OUCH meant OUT FOR THE SEASON. Shit. It’s not even fun to root against the Patriots without Brady at the helm is it?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?