I was getting ready to turn the station away from the *Angry White Rock* station 103.3 The Edge—until *My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock came on! Turn. It. Up!* Sometimes I love, the Edge…I usually enjoy the morning show…and today I got caught up in the trash talk for the Opening Weekend of FOOTBALL! (The only time of year you will see me grab the Sports page of the Sunday Paper before all else. I love the football. My love-hate relationship with the NFL revolves pretty much around the homeboys…The Buffalo Bills.

So of course reading things like this *Tom Brady was ungainly accurate as usual* makes me crawl.

The other thing my love of the sport revolves around are the damn adorable men. Still can’t get over those Bledsoe Bowls in 2002. And, no one in the world could ever convince me that the devil’s spawn is attractive. Ever. Fuck him and the rest of *America’s Team* And then Fuck them again. Them are fighting words people…fighting. words

The whole point of this story?

X= I love my Bills and CURSE LIKE A SAILOR during games, nothing lady like on a Sunday.

And if X then Y.

Y= I despise this team. And this team.
And I am not too fond of this team, or this team (he, he- good luck with that coach of yours!)

And yes, If X then Y means Z.
Z= I hold a grudge when it comes to my Bills. So?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?