Fashion Week

I am pretty sure I never heard or thought about fashion before I started watching Sex and the City. So much to my surprise that I now am the girl who you see flipping through not the September Vogue but MY September Vogue.

As well as actually being aware that this week is Fashion Week in NYC. It also helps that I know a certain blogger who is working quite hard behind the scenes at one of the bigger named shows (I don’t think he cares much about fashion, but methinks the models might be nice collateral damage for a little bit of overtime) in his words *I’m heading up an obnoxiously large fashion show and the equally ostentatious after-party*

So if what I see is true…I am very excited about the upcoming fashion trends. Getting away from that slut-whore Britney look…and back to the traditionals…yay! Tailored tweed jackets and lots of sweaters lined with pretty ribbons…And to top it off, MY personal favorite…colored and printed tights are back! (And there was much rejoicing!)

Of course a Jennifer took this trend and added her own pizazz…usually wearing dark colored tights with cut-off denim jeans…these are a few of my favorite things!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?