Father’s Day

Family, Holidays, Personal / Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Well, Happy Father’s Day to all those out there reading…as well as future dads!

I found myself whisked happily away into my own peaceful worship today. Woke up early enough to make breakfast, read some of the paper and head to church…and while at church I spent a significant amount of time with my daddy, missing him and praying that he continues to watch over me and protect me and lead me to the right path of life…and prayers for my grandpa…who is quite ill. As well as John’s dad…lots on my mind and in my heart at the alter today. Lots of dads and children at church. Made me wistful. Made me excited to someday be able to have a family of my own.

But for the family in front of us with the three young boys. THREE boys? They were well behaved, but man, three boys? I guess I’m not ready for kids…even though seeing my friend Holly’s baby picture, Benecio and buying $10 worth of adorable random baby clothes at the thrift store yesterday made my maternal instincts wild.

Someday…I only regret that the fathers in my life who shaped and guided who I am today, will not be there to see it. There in spirit of course…but not the same. I never expected my future children to not be able to know their grandfathers. I was very blessed I had the chance.

Happy Father’s Day.

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