I think the FedEx man might have ruined Christmas.

I think the FedEx man might have ruined Christmas.

This morning, I stayed in bed late, drove Mark to work and then came home to get ready for my own workday. Right as I was ready to leave the doorbell rang…


The FedEx man had a package for me. I mean, for Mark. I signed for the wee package and in my early morning not feeling fantastic pre-coffee fog said out loud “I wonder who sent Mark a present?”

The FedEx man countered with “Well, someone must love him because he just got an iPod.”

Dingdingding! WARNING BELLS! What a dumbass I am! Maybe Mark ordered something for ME? An iPod? Something I totally wasn’t expecting! Damn! Did the mailman just tell me I got an iPod for Christmas? No way! I checked the box, nondescript brown packaging with no way for me to tell where it came from. Ugh. I HATE the fact that I think I was just SPOILED on a surprise.

I called Mark to tell him the story, sad and sullen and he said “Hmmm, I wonder who sent me an iPod?”

My co-worker thinks that maybe the FedEx man was pulling my leg. I however think that he probably delivers hundreds of these packages daily. And now I wonder if maybe the FedEx man WAS playing with me? Although I can truthfully say, I wouldn’t have even thought iPod. Digital Camera? Ring from Etsy or the Penguin Store?

I hate the fact that this could be ruined for me. GIVING presents is my most favorite thing in the world to do. In fact, I might have already given Mark two things because I just can’t wait!! I’m just too excited!! I however, like the surprise if getting. I don’t want to know! (Unless it is a surprise party, which I HATE the idea of, I must be in control of all things.) Although right now, I’m admit absolutely brimming with glee that I might have an iPod.

Damn FedEx man.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?